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Turck New Distributor Announcement – Stateside Industrial Solutions


Turck USA is pleased to announce that  they have entered into a strategic agreement with Stateside Industrial  Solutions (S.I.S.) that makes them their authorized distributor for  Puerto Rico. This expands their existing partnership.

  Miramar, FL,  February 27, 2018 --(PR.com)--  Turck is confident that this partnership in Puerto Rico will provide  better service for customers within the region by offering an expanded  line of products,expertise and local stock for quicker deliveries.  

Stateside  Industrial Solutions (S.I.S.) and Turck USA are both committed to providing  exceptional customer service and technical expertise. It is expected  that this will enhanced the teams of S.I.S three branches; San Juan,  Puerto Rico, Tampa and Miramar, Florida.  

Since 2017, Stateside  Industrial Solutions has been a manufacturer's representative and  authorized technical distributor of pneumatics, controls, instrumentation, valves  and many other related product and has been providing customers with  effective solutions to the most challenging of industrial applications.  Turck has been providing customers with localized technical expertise,  connectivity solutions and products such as sensors, machine safety, I/O  Links, Industrial controls, Fiel logic controllers, Fieldbus and  Interface technologies.  

Stateside Industrial Solutions' wide  range of products and services in the petrochemical, energy, food,  beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging industries makes them a natural  fit with Turck's expansive range of related products. Turck is pleased  to be associated with S.I.S as Puerto Rico's leading industrial  connectivity experts.  

Customers can contact Stateside Industrial Solutions for any inquiries about Turck products.

Seamlesss Connectivity

Festo platform for electric automation means seamless connectivity. From electromechanical systems, servo motors and servo drives to complete positioning systems, motion control solutions as well as entire handling systems and decentralized control solutions – always with the right software and interface. Visit our website to learn more, http://bit.ly/2n49ZH2

Turck Expands to Meet Customer Demand


To meet growing customer demand for its products, Turck USA has expanded its facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, with more than 100,000 square feet added for manufacturing, offices and warehouse operations. With 19 percent sales growth in 2017, the company is well positioned for continued growth in the North American market. 


Hard to believe: Contactless weighing

Festo ultra-clean and germ-free processes are becoming increasingly important for industrial production, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Surfaces in clean rooms must be sealed, easy to clean and effective to disinfect. A new concept using superconductor technology now enables contactless and precise weighing and measuring.  Read more about this almost "magical" approach:  http://bit.ly/2D0RckQ 

Turck has released a compact ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link technology

 Turck sensors; the cost-effective design of this sensor still  offers the advantages of a standard ultrasonic sensor as well as  communication and advanced functions via IO-Link  


New Coval Vacuum Technology Authorized Distributor- Stateside Industrial Solutions

Coval is pleased to announce they have named Stateside Industrial Solutions as a an Authorizes distributor for Florida, Puerto Rico and Caribbean. Coval is a leading manufacturer of high performance advanced vacuum automation components and systems for industrial applications.