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Festo DNC cylinder, Airtac valve, Festo fittings, Festo proximity sensor, Airtac actuator, manifold

We offer complete line of Festo actuators, valve manifolds, servo-pneumatic components, electric linear drives, hoses and fittings. Stateside Industrial Solutions will provide you with competent technical support so that you can achieve maximum productivity. Festo DSBC and DNC ISO cylinders, CPE10 and VUVG valves, CPX manifolds, GRLA flow control and more. We also offer Airtac cylinders, Airtac valves; competitively priced and in stock.

Turck and Banner Sensors

Inductive,capacitive,ultrasonic sensors,pressure,flow sensor. BI6, Q3X, Q4X sensor, light curtain

Turck cables and Banner sensors provide important information for efficient industrial  automation, such as discrete and analog position signals, level control,  flow rates, temperatures, speed and directional feedback. Banner sensors Q3X,Q4X,QS30,LE and LS series safety light curtains are among the best in the market. Stateside Industrial Solutions (S.I.S) can cover all your sensor needs.

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Turck Connectivity Solutions

WKV Cordsets, receptacles, JBBS-57 junction box, connectors,splitters,devicenet cable,WSV,RSFV-MC

Stateside Industrial Solutions and Turck cables; single and dual ended cordsets, panel mount receptacles and junction boxes for carrying power and/or signal to your components and processes.  Minifast, Eurofast, Mircrofast connectors, receptacles, Devicenet Junction boxes,etc. Turck RKV 4T, RKV 57, WSV 579, RKFV 57 cables are the best in the industry.

Coval Vacuum Solutions

Coval vacuum products, suction cups, gripper, vacuum generator, vacuum handling,vacuum pump, festo

Stateside Industrial Solutions offers Coval vacuum technology products. S.I.S and Coval have set out to provide our clients and users with vacuum handling solutions that meet their goals in terms of profitability, productivity, quality, safety, and environmental conservation. New CVPC vacuum cartridges, CVGL gripper, GVRL10 injectors, Vacuum managers; Lemcom mini vacuum pump and all type of vaccuum generators. New FPC suction cups.                         

Eaton Enclosures

eaton enclosures, B line, cooper b line, industrial enclosure, steel enclosure, insulated enclosure

Eaton B-Line offers a complete line-up of enclosures available in  fiberglass, aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, plus Type 304 and Type  316L stainless steel. Eaton B Line.

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Festo Air Preparation

Festo LFR, Festo regulator, FRC filter regulator, AirTac GC series, AirTac filter regulator GFC

 From competitively priced Airtac GC series to Festo LFR series to more robust MSB4, MSB6 series and standard to high-end functions. Festo FRC; filter regulator,lubricator, On-off valves for starting up and exhausting systems.  Stateside Industrial Solutions(S.I.S.) provide the answer to virtually every requirement for your compressed air system preparation units.

Hiwin Linear & Motion Control

Servo motor,Linear guideway, Hiwin, Linear motor, ball screw, bearings, stepper motor in Florida

As a Hiwin distributor we offfer a high quality durable line of linear and motion control products; from Linear Guideways, Ball Screws, Linear actuators,single axis robots, crossed roller bearings to AC servo motors and drives. HG series, MG series, QH series and MG series are top quality Linear Guideways and always available in stock. Hiwin AC servo motors from 50W to 1000W; highly reliable and efficient with Ecoders available up to 17 bits.

Winters Instruments | Pressure & Temperature

Winters pressure gauge ,pressure transmitter, thermocouple, RTD, thermometer, heater band, counters

Winters Instruments has been manufacturing quality built instrumentation for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement since 1953.  Stateside Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive product lines of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters, switches and accessories. Winters Instrumentation authorized distributor for Puerto Rico and Florida.

TSLOTS Extrusions

ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS, T-slotted aluminum extrusions and accesories for creating robot enclosures

Whether you need a tool bench, clean room or workstation and tool tack,  you engineer your product and Stateside Industrial Solutions supply the building blocks you need. We  offer the best aluminum extrusion TSLOTS in the industry and our in-house experts can work with any idea and any CAD drawing you bring to the table. 

LED Lights & Audible Systems

Signal Tower/Signal Light and Revolving Warning Lights and wireless networks accesories

PATLITE innovative LED status indicating  lights, sound alarms, visual and audible  communication network system  and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of  workplaces. Robust, industrial-grade signal tower coupled with  an elegant, smooth surface design that is IP69K rated to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature washdown operations. 

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Process Automation

Angle seat valves made of gunmetal (red brass) and stainless steel, Butterfly and  steel Ball valves

Festo provides a wide range of process automation products and complete  process solutions with automated process valves, diaphragm valves,  sensors and positioners.  At the control level, Festo and Stateside Industrial Solutions can help you with pneumatic pilot valves, valve  terminals, butterfly valves, I/O systems and HMIs which integrate seamlessly with leading  DCS and controllers.  

Best In Class Brands

From sensors to pneumatics, industrial automation, connectivity and control products for all industrial applications.  

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